Start Caving

Caving is a great hobby for adventurers who aren’t afraid of tight spaces, heights, darkness, insects and spiders. If you want to go caving there are several things you can do:

If you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to go on a guided tour with a professional who’s been in that cave before. The easiest is to hire the services of a professional instructor or outdoor activities organization that will provide you with the necessary equipment and guide you underground on a suitable trip. This costs but is a good way of finding out if you like caving.

Another option is to contact the Cypriot NGO ‘Cave Enthusiasts’ (Mağara Meraklıları Derneği – MMD).caving club that is based at Kalyvakia /Kalavaç Village in the northern part of Cyprus.

Our club will provide you with basic equipment and guide you on a suitable trip underground. It is also a good way to make new friends. If you enjoy the experience you can join the club and gradually start buying your own equipment.

The third option is to go caving with your friends. There are many groups of independent cavers in Cyprus, people caving with just their friends but they usually have gained the necessary experience before going caving.